Think you’re a smarty pants?

Have a ton of knowledge just taking up space in head? Well bring it to your local trivia night. You will look back and say dang that was a great night.

It’s True

Participation is absolutely free! But Pub Trivia Nerds would definitely like you to order delicious food and your favorite beverage to support our pubs. So, bringing some extra money is probably a good idea.

Win Prizes

For showing their master skills at solving pop trivia, winners will be awarded gift certificates. Prizes will vary from location to location, so just come out and know that you will get a reward for your useless knowledge. You’ll also have the satisfaction of being named Pub Trivia Nerd’s winner and showing off your nerd brain.

Packed with Questions

Prepare for 2 hours thrilling trivia. You’ll get 7 rounds of general knowledge questions from SpongeBob to Bob Saget, Prince Harry to Harry Potter, Elizabeth Taylor to Taylor Swift…we could go on.  Here’s a smidgen of what to expect…


Classic Games

Question: What is the all-time best-selling home video game console, with over 155 million units sold?

Answer: Playstation 2


Break Up Songs

Question: Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next”was released just after her highly publicized breakup with who?

Answer: Pete Davidson


Political Scandals

Question: The Iran-Contra Affair involved Iran and the Contras. What country is the group the Contras from? 

Answer: Nicaragua


Oh, Canada

Question: What are the next three words in Canada’s national anthem: O Canada! Our home and native land.

Answer: True patriot love


Breakfast Cereals

Question: The cereal Honey Smacks currently has what kind of an animal mascot on the front of the box?

Answer: Frog



Question: What temple dedicated to the goddess of Athena still sits today atop Athens’s Acropolis? 

Answer: The Parthenon


Famous Duos

Question: In the animated sketch The Ambiguously Gay Duo, what are the names of the two characters?

Answer: Ace and Gary


Nursery Rhymes 

Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn! The sheep’s in the meadow, the cow’s in…where’s the cow?

Answer: In the Corn